Workshops and Classes

Workshops and Classes:

Coming soon!  

Drop-in painting sessions at the artist's studio in Appleton, ME

Paint alongside a professional artist!  Expect a mix of critique,

demos, and time to paint.

RSVP required, $30 a session.

-reserve your spot by 5pm the evening before-

For adults.  

Class limit six.  

Saturday and Tuesday mornings, 10-12.  

Air-conditioned/heated studio.

Bring your own project and supplies (see list below)

Easels, tables and chairs provided.

Please bring a mask.  As we transition out of covid, if everyone present

is vaccinated and comfortable we may forego the use of them.  Please,

do not come if you are feeling unwell.

Materials you'll need:


Paints (oils or acrylics)

Canvas or other painting surface

Palette or palette paper

Palette knife

Project to paint: a photograph (print it out--you don't really want to paint from

your phone screen) or object you want to paint

Paper towels

Materials you may want:

Sketch book

Pencil or charcaol

Mineral spirits in jar (to wash brushes at end of session only--for everyone's

health, we will not be painting with mineral spirits or other toxic mediums.)

Nontoxic paint medium


Disposable gloves

Slippers/indoor shoes

Coffee (or is this just me?)

picture credit: Kristin Teig

Offering classes and workshops in various aspects of drawing and painting, Tanya draws from over a dozen years of teaching experience.  She has taught both children and adults at various schools including the Ravenswood Atelier, the New England School of Fine Art, the Farnworth Art Museum, and others.

Check below for ongoing and/or upcoming opportunities.